Raft 2

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Raft is a gripping adventure in the open ocean where players build a huge house on a raft to reach land safely without becoming a victim of man-eating sharks swirling around. The game is about survival, but instead of saving our skin on shore, we are stranded at sea and can’t feel firm ground under our feet. However, you’re not totally helpless. Look at your arms – you have a rope with a hook. What do you need it for, how to you think? No, not to hang yourself and end this suffering right away. After all, there’s even no ceiling and no chair. Yet.

Actually, by means of that hook, you can ‘fish’ for a lot of handy stuff. Here swims a board you can add to your raft to make it more spacious. There floats a bamboo stick that can be sharpened and used as a harpoon to make sure you don’t starve to death. And that pile of sea grass swaying on the surface can be dried and put under your head instead of a pillow. With ingenuity and constructive thinking, you can find an efficient application for any stuff surrounding your raft. Don’t stop there, think how you can improve your creations, come up with new constructions and turn your shaky wooden support into a place that you will be able to call home!

The most exciting thing, however, is that you can invite your friends into the game and interact with them sharing resources and ideas. That comforts a lot given the context of your current situation and makes you feel not so alone. If things go especially rough, you know a friend will always lend you a helping hand… Or rather, a helping hook! There are many more discoveries and challenges waiting for you on your raft. Prove that difficulties only harden your character and you can not just survive, but live a full, comfortable and happy life even in the most desperate conditions!