Raft Survival Mobile

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If you lack real adventure, with hardships and discoveries, with struggle and victories, welcome to Raft! The players will find themselves in the infinite ocean on a tiny raft having just a rope with an improvised hook on its end. This primitive tool will save you from certain death. Once you see a usable object on the sea surface, throw the rope into the water so that it catches on the hook and pull out your finding. Gradually collecting various resources, you can enhance and improve your raft, turn it into a more stable, safer construction, equip it with a roof and other highly needed things and protect yourself from the many dangers of this risky trip. Over time, you’ll be able to evolve a mere piece of wood into a whole floating city in mobile game. Maybe, for that you’ll have to ask your friends for help. Don’t forget to help them in return when they’re in need!

But first you need to solve hunger and thirst issues. The ocean is full of food, but obtaining it isn’t simple. The water is swarming not just with tasty harmless fishes, but also with dangerous sharks. You have to think how you can make this task easier for you – for instance, weave a net (maybe you’ll be lucky to find one in the ocean) or try to plant one of coconuts floating by in abundance. You’ll also need a tent to protect yourself from the scorching sun and night cold. When you’re done with taking care of your basic needs, you can put some effort into making your life more comfortable and enjoyable. Who said you need to suffer from sleeping on bare boards? Set up a wonderful, soft bed! Why do you always have to eat the same lunch? Diversify your survival menu with a special dish. But note that first you’ll have to conduct a research or obtain drafts. Yes, the work of a constructor is bulky and tough. But nobody promised you an all-included cruise!

So what is the goal of your journey? At first, your only thought is to reach land as soon as possible and make this torture end. But as your raft becomes more and more suitable for living, gets packed up with various accommodations, you start to feel this unhurried, careless pleasure of a free pirate. And when you finally see that land on the horizon, you may even not wish to settle there. If will be good to disembark and refill your supplies, though. Who knows what new resources and challenges you are going to find here? And then – back into the sea, forward to new horizons… After all, this is the sense of any traveler’s life!