Raft Survival Multiplayer

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Imagine that you wake up in the sea drifting on a few boards. You look around, but don’t see anything on the horizon. Nor a ship, nighter an island. It’s empty. You’re all alone here. Even worse, the only thing you see in the water is a shark fang circling around your raft. Here’s where your adventure begins!

If you think you’re doomed, you’re wrong. Many important resources vital for your survival swim right within an arm’s reach. Aim well and throw the hook that you’ll find in your hand as far as you can to haul them out. Barrels and chests contain valuable stuff like water and food. Debris can also be used to upgrade your water transport and create various improvements. You can make it wider and thicker, equip with a tent, sleeping place and tourist kitchen. You can even add floors! All you need for that is to process the rubbish into building materials, craft a desired construction and attach it to the raft in multiplayer tiwh ios apk.

But that’s not it. You need weapons to hunt and poke at that nasty shark when it swims up too close. Long sticks can be sharpened into a harpoon, splits of wood can be turned into arrows. Now there’s nobody who can threaten you in these waters! Look carefully: the sea will periodically throw fishing nets and lobster traps your way. They will greatly simplify your ‘bread and butter’ routine.

From time to time, there will be lone islands appearing on the horizon. You can swim there and explore them. Be careful: aside from juicy fruits and fresh meat they host poisonous spiders and giant crabs who won’t let you roam their wild territories just like that. Don’t forget to take your weapons with you or things can end up badly.

Don’t be afraid to be left without a thing to do – with constant tasks and quests you’ll always be busy. Accomplish the assignments, gain valuable resources and rare objects. To complete some missions, you’re going to need special equipment and more advanced weapons. Don’t set off unprepared!