Raft 2020

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Are you ready for an epic adventure, which allows you to test your courage, ability to think quickly and understand whether you can survive in difficult circumstances? Then you really need something new and definitely breathtaking. Such solution for you is Raft, which is full of fun and not complicated modes, which allow you to plunge in the world of ocean adventures and discover a brand new world! As you can guess from the title, you need to deal with raft, but not only sail from it, trying to save your body from blood-craving sharks, but also you need to stay alive, not be starving and thirst. And when you are in the middle of the ocean, and have no help, this is not an easy thing!

Raft is totally survival game, where you need to be active, so if you are in a bit sleepy mood and need something completely relaxing, you should leave this game for a better day. But if you are oriented on discoveries and not fear of difficulties, then start your exploration as soon as possible! You need to lead an ordinary life, where you try to find something to eat, and at the same time not forget about a dangerous world around you. And death is always not very far – a big shark is always near, trying to find a moment, when you lose your control and forget about cautiousness, and then t will attack.

Of course, everything would be much easier, if you had your vessel ready, but you had to build it at first. And it is obvious that you don’t have a proper material, so you have to use everything that you find around you. Even if it seems that this material is not the best option, you should pick it up and try to compose into the raft, because the sooner you finish your raft – the better. Customize your raft, make it unique and not like anyone else’s!

As soon as you finished your raft, you need to learn how to balance on it, because shark is always waiting for you to fall into the water. In the previous version of the game there was no shark, but now this app is extremely cool and unexpected. There are islands far away, but you can’t reach them, because you need to build a bridge to them, but you will lack materials at first. So, you need to accumulate things and continue surviving. And who knows what is waiting for you on the island? You have to be prepared to everything, maybe this shark would be like a fairy-tale dream for you. So, grab your logics and choose the best strategy to survive. Raft isn’t complicated at all, and you will love the way everything is organized in here. New updates are ahead, and you can be the one to discover all new features!