Raft Chapter 2

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The fate of a person who has fallen into a completely lonely and boundless ocean can hardly be called enviable. There is no hope to wait for help, and everything that is under your feet is a small raft. People who haven’t read “Robinson Crusoe” will learn to survive in such conditions the hard way. Fortunately, there are hints in Raft Chapter 2! There is no storyline the game – only a floating board you clutch onto, the player, and the endless sea, plus occasional islands to which you can try to moor. In all this loneliness, you need to find strength and determination to stay alive – get food, expand your vessel, set up beds, build additional floors. In short, there are enough worries waiting for you ahead, but everything starts with just a small raft.

Your survival will be facilitated by a homemade hook with a rope, with which you can fish out various garbage. And although ocean pollution is an extremely bad thing and is generally punishable by law, you shouldn’t be very picky. All kinds of boxes, sticks, pebbles and a great deal of other resources will constantly flow by. Your job is to watch the water closely and keep your hook ready.

However, don’t get too absorbed into the hunt for materials. The main character has a scale of thirst and hunger, which, obviously, will have to be replenished in time. The most apparent thing that comes to mind is fishing. You can do it with the help of nets, fishing rods or, if you are aiming at meatier and more nutritious prey, a spear. All that can be made from the garbage picked out of the water. You can craft anything you want – beds, additional sections for your ship, walls, a grill, a fire, a water tank and various household tools.

Once you get the hang of crafting, take care of supplying yourself with a sturdy weapon. From time to time, the will be sharks attacking your refuge. They will gnaw on the raft and, ultimately, can get to you. Make sure they don’t do too much damage and fend off the assaults with a spear. If you are accurate enough, you can even kill a shark that will put quite a lot of meat on your table.

The main thing is not to fall into the sailing routine and keep evolving your raft and your crafting abilities. The ultimate goal of the game is to create antennas and a receiver that will allow you to choose your own path and find out where the big land is. What is waiting for you at the end of this journey? You have to find out on your own playing Raft Chapter 2 online!