Raft Survival Last Version

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Sandboxes can be very different. Some of them can even be filled with water rather than sand! Raft Survival is one of such experiments. The idea is rather unique – surviving in the far reaches of the ocean. You start off with just a small raft and a hook. Using the latter, you have to accumulate a solid base of resources to enlarge and strengthen the former. Players can fight for their life either solo or as a team. That means engaging into all sorts of challenging, dangerous activities: pulling out debris, diving into the sea for materials, battling sharks and storms – your only enemies in the game so far in Raft Survival Last Version.

Users have to keep an eye on their supplies of fresh water and food. They can be refilled by crafting a barrel to collect rain water and growing up crops or manually, by hunting the fish and exploring the ocean bottom. You can throw anchor to stay in a certain place for some time and gather all the resources that are around. Having enough wood, for instance, you can build a giant house on the water. Or spend it on smaller, but currently more useful things. It’s up to you to decide. There is no ready scenario, no obligatory missions to accomplish – just your imagination and persistence. In the end, your efforts will be rewarded and you’ll reach an idyllic tropical island where you can find your new home!