Raft Survival Simulator

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Our world is dangerous, and you will never know what is waiting for you today. But if you are fed up with your life, and you are waiting for something epic that does not happen, then you are here for a reason. Raft is not a totally new game, but it acquired cool feature just recently. As long as you open the game for the first time, you find yourself in the ocean, and you need to find a way to survive. Of course, drifting in the ocean is dangerous in Raft Survival Simulator, so you need to make a raft, but it is not so easy, if you don’t have specific tools and material. So, even if you are a plastic bottle, you should pick it up, because you might use it for certain purpose. You should use every possibility to expand your raft, because very soon you will understand why you really need it.

Materials for your raft are scattered everywhere, but you can’t jump into water to pick them up. You have an old hook, which doesn’t really look trustworthy, but you have no other option. You need to catch your materials and upgrade your raft. But you should be really careful, because shark with big and sharp teeth is near your raft, and it is waiting for your mistake. When you fall from the raft into the water, the game will be ended for you. At first you will see no land, but later you will trace an island, which is, though, not so easy to reach.

How long can a person travel in an open ocean? You can find it out, but in real life you can stop the game and make a small sandwich and you will be full of energy again, but in Raft world there is no such option. So, you need to take care of food and water by yourself. Your character is not going to drink salty water, is he? So, the chance of being eaten by the shark isn’t your only problem. Raft becomes your home, and you can make it as cozy, as possible. Of course, it won’t look like the one, made by professionals, but you can try your hand and with every new trial it will become better and better.

But fear of shark shouldn’t keep you always on the same place on raft. You can jump into the water and discover underwater world, as well as you can land on an island, which you will see later. Though, with island everything is more complicated, because you need to make a kind of bridge, and this is a very difficult task, if you are limited in resources. Despite of the fact that it sounds a bit difficult, the game is much of fun and enjoyment. The most important thing that it is easy to understand and orient in the world of bottles, woods, water and sharks. Everything depends on your logic and ability to make quick decisions. Enjoy the process of survival with the Raft hero!