Raft Survival Ultimate

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Immense, wavy distances covered with water evoke contradictory feelings in us. We look at the perfectly smooth, sunset-lit horizon with dreamy rapture. We think of all the unknown lands lying behind it, of how incredible it is to glide over the glittering sea surface and enjoy salty breeze in our hair… But only as far as there is a ship involved. If you imagine yourself lost amidst this shoreless water void, the only you will feel is despair. However, it’s taking up challenges and overcoming difficulties that makes us human. So pull your courage together, launch Raft and prepare to work and fight for every inch of wood!

Raft is an adventure simulator that throws you far into the ocean giving you nothing but a narrow piece board barely enough to stay afloat. You can hopelessly sit on it until you die of hunger, thirst, madness or shark teeth. Or you can try to fix things, literally. You have your hands, you have your brain – what else do you need? Maybe a little diligence. And of course luck. The sea is actually a bottomless source of various materials. Look at the debris that swims past your lonely shelter. You can combine it into a wide range of instruments and items that will make your stay in the ocean a lot of easier. Start with simple stuff, provide yourself with basic things and when you know you’re at least out of the risk to be eaten by a hungry sea monster, you can put your mind into more complicated creations.

In Raft Survival Ultimate you can actually surround yourself with everything you need for a comfy living, no worse than ashore. Garden and kitchen, shower and bedroom, all kinds of furniture and even decor items. You don’t even have to be satisfied with just one floor and add a few more! This kind of raft already looks like a small ship. But there is no limit to the engineering thought! Your survival quest may go on as long as you wish. And it won’t get boring. The more you play the more opportunities open to you and the more intricate stuff you learn to make. After all, the game is not so much about survival as about crafting. So don’t just wait for a passing ship to rescue you, they don’t visit these places very often! Your fate, your life is in your own hands. And it’s up to you what it will be like!