Raft 2019

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There is a new survival game for you to try and it’s called Raft. Simple name, but rather challenging and unusual gameplay. You are going to build and furnish a wooden raft drifting in the open sea. You will craft various tools and equipment for traveling through the endless water expanse. Just about anything that floats by can be used as details: random splits, wooden barrels dispatched from passing ships, boards and other rubbish. Some will have to be obtained not just from the surface, but also from the dark, ominous ocean battle. The waters host quite a lot of dangers for a careless player, the most obvious of them being sharks. You’ll have to be very alert and some sort of weapon to defend yourself will come in handy as well. Sounds like a harsh trial and it really is so. But that doesn’t mean you won’t be having fun and enjoy your achievements in the process! An enterprising, inventive rafter can eventually turn his shabby water vehicle into a true floating house filled with all kinds of comforts. You won’t even want to leave it after putting in so much effort and reaching such stunning results. Your very first survival voyage is waiting for you! Hold on to your raft tight and set out!